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rules of having a threesome

Some Rules You Should Set For A Threesome

What would be your first thought if your partner informed you that they wanted to add a new person to spice up your sex? It may seem odd, but it works most of the time. A recent survey showed that nearly a fifth of women have had a threesome. While it has its benefits, it is a risky road for couples to take. You need to draw a line that both of you should watch to protect your relationship. Once you have done that and each one of you is trustworthy to keep their word, you will enjoy a threesome to the fullest.  

Rules of Having A Threesome
Rules of Having A Threesome

Bringing in a third partner is a fantastic time to give your relationship a turnaround. However, couples should always realize that once you see your better half having sex with another person other than you, there is no going back. What you have witnessed cannot be unseen. Therefore, make sure it is what you want. You don’t want to start something that will haunt you for months to come. Get to know why you want to find another person in the first place. Here are some reasons couples opt to try it out: 

  • A girl has a better experience. Yes, while most men may try very much to satisfy their wives, a fellow girl gets it and knows what exactly is needed. Your partner will have the best experience of their life. 
  • Everyone will be satisfied. If either partner gets exhausted or climaxes before the other, there is always the third wheel to keep the vehicle going until they recover. In the very end, everyone will leave contented. 
  • You can find some new idea that was not on your menu. A third person may bring a new experience that you like and probably had no idea. Using the same styles and techniques could be the reason your relationship is not spicing up. 
  • There will always be an available person to send. Sometimes, a couple may be having sex, and either partner needs something. Pausing too often ruins the mood, and you have to warm up again. Well, threesomes bring an option to send the third person. 
You need to set rules before having a threesome

When you are done with the serious talk and decide it is absolutely what you want, you can now set strict rules. They include: 

Know the limits

This should be the very first thing you want to talk about. Interviews with real-life couples who have had a successful threesome experience revealed that they both knew the boundaries not to cross. Some had a no penetration principle, while others observed some simple ones like the watch but don’t touch. Whatever you two agree on, make sure no one violates. Getting naked does not mean everything has to be acceptable. 

Have a secret communication code 

Discuss among yourselves how you can behave or which word you could mention, and immediately your partner understands that they should stop, how you can know that your spouse is not comfortable with the act without them having to say it in words. Each one should respect the signal and obey it. 

Stay safe

It is obvious that the third partner is not in a relationship with you two. Therefore, they are not obliged to stay faithful and not to engage in sexual activities with other people. Before anything else, you should make sure that the health records are clean. You do not want a situation where you are contracting Sexually transmitted diseases. You should also make sure you are using a condom and changing it each time you are shifting from one partner to another. Discuss and find the appropriate birth control method for both ladies if your experience is going to involve an exchange of fluids. Drugs and alcohol can make you go out of all rules you have set. Therefore, please stay away from too much of them.

Find the right third partner

This is usually the most challenging task in the whole process. Choosing someone familiar to either of the two of you is a risky decision. You want to go for a complete stranger. However, this, too, could pose a problem. How do you know the right third to choose? Some top threesome websites and apps for couples to find a threesome. Ensure you do the whole process together. Once it is all done and you have found a perfect match, share a meal in a good restaurant or go out and have a good talk. You can then hope in bed. 

Set the right location

The last thing you want is to have a threesome in your house. It would be best if you discussed between the two of you for a good and quiet location to be meeting up for fun. If the third person happens to develop feelings for either of you, the chances of stalking you are few. You should also keep the relationship respectful for the whole period.

Discuss what’s next 

There is a life after the threesome. Therefore, you should have a serious talk with your spouse about the boundaries you want to keep with the visitor. Will it be okay to talk after the event? Is it acceptable to meet at social places without the other partner? How long do you want the engagement to last? Some couples prefer it as a one-time thing while others are comfortable running for a longer time. Whatever you decide, make sure you humor it to avoid ruining a good relationship. You wouldn’t want to separate in the process of trying to spice up your lives. It would go against the primary goal of finding a third partner for a threesome.  

Overall, you should ensure that you are open with your spouse the entire time. Also, being flexible is essential to maintain a healthy relationship. Each one should be ready to change just in case it gets uncomfortable on the way. Do not ignore your partner in the process and remain faithful. The goal is to improve your marriage, not to break it.

How to Have a Threesome? (Threesome Guides at First Time)

For some people, threesomes are the kind of sex explorations that only happen in films. But you don’t have to be remain relegated to the realm of your sexual fantasies permanently. With a slight arrangement and planning, you can make threesome dating a very sexy reality.  Today, you can arrange for an MMF or FFM via threesome apps & sites plenty easy. If you, together with your other half, have decided to invite a third person into your bed, you need to figure out how to make sure everyone laughs, thoroughly enjoys themselves, and orgasms. Here is a guide on how to have a successful threesome to help beginners navigate this tricky territory.

Have a threesome

1.    Choose Your Threesome Partner Wisely

Inviting a friend or someone with whom one or both of you already have an emotional connection provides a higher probability that someone will get their feelings hurt or develop feelings. There is no better threesome partner to join you into the bedroom than a stranger who lives far away from your location. You will probably never see them again after having your fun, which will be relieving, mostly if you just wanted a one-time fantasy. This way, you won’t complicate your relationship after the threesome.   

2.    Find Your Third Before Actual Hook Up

After you find a woman or couples for threesome that match your preferences, it’s essential to contact them and plan for a meeting before the actual hookup. Plan the meeting at a social place like a club or restaurant for safety purposes. Meeting with them enables you to confirm whether the talk or look the same as they were on the online website. If you think otherwise about them, you can move on and try your luck elsewhere.

3.    Ensure Everyone Is Excited And Comfortable With Each Other

If a threesome is going to be perfect, it is best that each one of you is connecting with both partners relatively equally, and everyone is doing it. One partner should not feel forced or guiled into it. Being the odd one out gives a bad feeling of rejection, which is even worse if you do not want to take part in the first place. Hence, it is recommendable to first hang out with each other to feel the chemistry between the three of you. 

4.    Set Boundaries And Stick To Them

It is essential if you and your other half have agreed to experience a threesome to converse and set boundaries between you, your partner, and the threesome partner before the actual date. Once the sex is on, you may be so overwhelmed that you want to skip those rules, but putting boundaries and sticking to them is essential in preventing regrets and conflicts afterward.  It is also a perfect idea to have safe words so that everyone can easily opt-out of a particular sex act or stop the threesome if he or she feels uncomfortable. Most important is maintaining good communication before and during sex. It is essential to speak up or retract consent before and during sex if anyone feels uncomfortable.  

5.    Focus On Pleasing Everyone

The words to underline here are, don’t be a selfish prick in bed. A perfect threesome is when everyone is deeply engaged in the current ongoing and open-minded to try out different things. Lacking the conscious effort of attending to all parties will lead to resentments, and I am sure you don’t want that. You should not remain fixed to one partner more than the other unless everyone else is cool with it. If everyone is focused on pleasing others, the pleasure will be boomeranged back to you, and the three of you will be off to the real races.

6.    Safety Comes First

Good Hygiene and STD Free is crucial. You won’t relax and enjoy sex if you are worried about contracting a disease or unwanted pregnancy. The threesome partner should agree to get tested to ensure they are disease-free. A threesome means another person outside your relationship and involves a genital mix. Also, their hygiene is essential. The threesome partner should be clean and fresh in all aspects of hygiene. You might go through a lot during a perfect threesome, so ensure to buy extra condoms, gloves, and dams.

7.    Keep Mostly Or At Least Sober

Engaging in a threesome is overwhelming. You will be most likely to have temptations of overindulging in drinking before getting into the threesome. However, being too drunk makes it hard for the dicks to get hard and causes vagina dryness. It may also lower inhibitions causing you to break the rules you have set for a threesome. A drink or two and a hit of weed is fine, but don’t use the hard drug.

8.    Decide on What to Do After the Threesome

Planning on what to do ahead of time is essential. What will you do after the steamy three-way sex and everyone has gotten off? Whether the third spends, the night is up to you all to decide. But it is sweeter to go outdoors and spend some time together for the threesome partner to show them that they were not just your plaything. Show them that you can still chat like friends and that things are still the same as before.  Have a decompression drink, slice of pizza, and party back to the real world.  The couple can then go back home and use the experience as naughty talk to keep the hot sex going on for days.  

9.    Check In With Your Partner

Threesomes, whether MMF or FFM, can cause new emotions to come up after they are over. Even after discussing on being jealous and such, things might change during the threesome act. It is hence critical to talk with your partner after the section and discuss how both you felt about it, whether it was a fail or you would want to experience it again. This will help to discover new ways you can please each other. It is also recommendable to check in with your third partner and ensure they are still comfortable, and there is no hurt feelings or awkwardness between the three of you.


Threesomes can be one of the most pleasurable and exciting experiencing for the couple and the threesome partner. What is most crucial for a perfect three way is giving the right sex combination, equal attention for all, and fulfillment of all three parties’ expectations.  I hope this guide will help you to have an enjoyable threesome experience successfully.

Couples Seeking Females | Top 5 Dating Sites For Couples

Are you couples seeking females? Couples seeking girls’ sites that can help you satisfy your needs are vast. However, most of them are not genuine and can cost you fortunes for nothing. Therefore, we are here to help you land on the best couples dating site to meet your needs conveniently and effectively.  Because there are many dating sites for couples out there that are a plain rip-off and promise what they don’t deliver, we look at the top 5 dating sites for couples seeking females to help you find the one that best suits you. 

couples seeking females

1. AdultFriendFinder

This is an adult spontaneous dating and hookup site for any set-up. It is among the largest adult dating site worldwide, with over 80 million members. The site creates a platform with many features and functionality making it easy to find suitable sex partners for different arrangements, including couple share. 

Being a site that focuses on sexual and mature content openly and whose members are open to sharing nudity in all forms and trying something new, it becomes a suitable option for a couple looking for women for hookups. 

When it comes to registration, the process is so quick that it can be done in less than five minutes and free. Only an email verification process is required, and once you sign in, only the relevant necessary information, such as your sexual preference, is needed.  This site allows you to use a unique username as it can please you. 

The site has many communication features and functions such as a chat function, live stream function, and members creating blogs and groups to enhance communication. 

2. 3Hook

3Hook: Dating for Couples, Threesome & Swingers can offer you the best threesome experience of your life. This is because it comprises of threesome dating community who can spice up things in your life. As couples seeking females, couples seeking girls, this site can easily connect you with a woman of your choice without much stress. This is because there are ready Horny and needy mates on the site who are just waiting to give you the ultimate satisfactory pleasure you most desire.

Whether you are looking for a casual, short-term, or long-term relationship, this site has participants of different interests and choices, and you will find your perfect match. 

The site is designed with an excellent user interface with incredible features that make you comfortable interacting with other people. If you could use 3Hook:

  • You can find people that fit your preferences. 
  • Become friends with strangers
  • Connect with verified people and avoid fake profiles
  • Enjoy the automatic matching feature that helps you find the right person.

3. Bicupid

This site is among the world’s first, secure, most effective, and largest dating site for couples seeking females. The site is designed for bi-curious persons, bisexual and bi couples, including a threesome. The site has sexy and open-minded individuals who are waiting to explore more with you. 

The unique features of Bicupid include:

  • Dating advice and safety tips
  • First bisexual experiences
  • Online bisexual chats
  • Largest bisexual blogs
  • Bisexual videos
  • Bisexual date ideas
  • Spark

When it comes to registration, it as fast as it doesn’t require filling in lengthy details. It is also easy to use and has additional elements that make it more effective.  Once you are in, you get to meet an active and engaged community that interacts effectively through blogging. This offers the opportunity for members to share their experiences and topic of interest. 

Pros of Bicupid

  • Through advanced privacy settings, you can be highly selective and specific to who can and can’t see your profile’s particular elements. 
  • Through Facebook integration, it is now fast and easy to sign up and ascertains the ingenuity and reliability of the information provided
  • Through bogging, engagements that go beyond dating are encouraged. 

Cons of Bicupid

  • Limited free membership where you require a gold membership is required for optimal benefits.


For couples seeking girls, this can be the best site as it provides an open, safe, and friendly platform. It aims to bring couples and girls together to offer an exciting opportunity for effective communication where they can connect and date to cater to each other’s needs.

Benefits of using 
The site attracts millions of couples and singles who are interested in finding their match. This is due to the high rate of matching advanced quality service and unique features.

Members can interact through instant messages, upload photos and profiles, and easily send winks to the ones you like. These are useful features that can increase chances for a couple looking for a girl saving time for an offline threesome dating.

The registration is fast and requires only easy steps. Use your email to register, choose your preferences, upload your photos, briefly describe yourself, and activate your account with an active link via your email.

5. Threesome Finder

This is another excellent site for threesome dating that can meet the needs of open-minded couples seeking females. This is because the site can expedite discrete sex hookups and dates to add spice to your bed.  Joining the site is relatively fast and straightforward. 

It is free to sign up where you become a standard member, but you can gain a gold membership with payments.

The main features of include; 

  • Quick search allows you to search for a potential partner from wherever you are based on different preferences saving time to find your perfect match.
  • Live videos allow you to watch hot videos of beautiful girls and chats with different strange people.
  • Sending instant messages that are intimate can increase the chances of finding a match.
  • Groups and blogs allow you to connect with lots of people who share common hobbies and interests.

When it comes to privacy, offers safe and secure services to users. This is through a stable and robust security database from the site. You can also enjoy anonymity and confidentiality, where your information is only available as much as you allow.

If you are a couple seeking girls with these dating sites for couples, you can explore your sexuality and have fun. There is no doubt that both of you are open to sex, and your wish is to find a third woman for threesome. These adult dating sites can cater to your needs. 

How to find a third partner for a threesome?

How to find a third partner for a threesome? This article highlights the guidelines on how to get a third partner if you want to find a third woman or girl for ffm threesome or your wife wants a threesome with another man. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is beyond the limit. We will answer all your questions to make sure that you know how to find a third partner for a threesome.

how to find a third partner for a threesome

Whatever your reason for looking for a threesome is, let us start by congratulating you for choosing to add this likely exciting experience to your sexual register. Even if you want a one-time experience, as far as you and your companion have come to an understanding about its implications on your relationship, it can be just what you require to add some spur and vigor to your sex life.

Many partners imagine having a threesome, but it might be tricky for them to have them in real life. At times, it might appear embarrassing, but you should consider it as a way of having a fun-full night.

A threesome can be an excellent experience and can also ruin your relationship. You and your partner should communicate clearly to prevent unimagined situations where either you or your partner does not know how to deal with it. If you are open-minded partners who can discuss the possibility of engaging a third sex partner and still remain in a healthy relationship, you are ready to add another partner into your sex life. If you are facing challenges in your relationship – such as suspicion, control issues, and trust matters, you may need to think otherwise about finding a threesome partner to keep your relationship. 

Once you have reviewed the factors mentioned above and prepared your mind, the next thing is finding a threesome partner. That is where it becomes challenging because getting the right threesome partner is not easy. Once you and your partner have agreed to go for it, you need to find the right place to look for a third partner who will add some vigor to your sex life. Choosing the right person to bring into your relationship can be a challenging decision to reach.

If this is a new encounter for you and your partner, it is necessary that you set rules on the role of each of you during the experience. If you are unsure of what to do, you are in the right place. This article outlines the tips on how to find a third partner for threesome and where to find a third for a threesome. 

How to find a third partner for a threesome in real life

Like other things that are pretty new or intimidating, you should not dive into the world of threesomes. Instead, you should consider starting slowly by slowly. If you have not yet made the decision on whether to add a third partner to your relationship, whether at a hotel or in your house, you can try going to a strip club. Most of them always have sex parties, and you can just try out to decide if you still want a threesome or not. It is good to do your research before going to a swingers sites or clubs. If you get accepted there, you will feel better about it after meeting other people who share the same fantasies as you.

Finding a threesome partner online

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a sex night, you can try online threesome apps, but you should be cautious. There are many scammers online, so you need to continue with caution to make sure you get the fun you are seeking. Losing your dollars for the first time will bring about an overall bad experience, which can ruin your opinion about threesomes going forward.

There are several legit threesome apps where you can find a third partner if your wife wants a threesome with another man, such as Bicupid, 3Hook, Feeld. The best apps are the ones that offer outstanding privacy protection and fair and authentic pricing practices.

Selecting your third sex partner

When a threesome includes two men and one woman, the man in the relationship usually approves or disapproves of the threesome partner. You are good to go on if your partner is contented with the guy you are planning to have sex with to prevent avoidable trust and jealousy concerns. When the woman chooses, most probably, it will not end very well. Of course, the woman should give their opinion during the choosing process, but the man should make the final decision.

The most crucial talk should be whether the threesome partner will be an excellent mate who both of you trust and are already comfortable with. Otherwise, you should go online and find someone who you will likely never meet or hear from again after the meeting. That is a judgment you should make with your spouse.

If you get your partner online, it is good that you meet somewhere before going to the place where you will have the sexual encounter. It is necessary for the comfort and safety of all of you—a little introduction and the connection and energy before the actual encounter. After feeling comfortable with one another, you can talk about your plan, what everyone is comfortable doing, and the sexual health of the three of you. 

While your partner should be your first priority, you should also confirm if your threesome partner is comfortable and include him in all the decisions you make during the threesome. There is always a chance that one partner may enjoy more than the other partner or might ask for more than the other partner. If the couple has a solid relationship, there might be jealousy, anger, resentment, and guilt that could end your relationship. 

As far as you prioritize your partner, carefully assess your threesome partner using reliable sources, apply informed consent, and communicate with both the partners, you will get a positive and erotic experience. There are people out there who offer exactly what you are looking for, and they are just waiting for you to look for them! Have fun.

Why does many wives wants a threesome with another man

Women love having fantasies but sometimes conserve it and shy away from expressing it especially if it’s sexual for the fear of being judged. Many wives would surely love to have a threesome with another man, they downloaded threesome apps on their phone and eager to search a like-minded man into threesome. Commonly a threesome is known to be of two females and a male. However, that is not what many women fantasize about. Their thoughts are on a threesome that involves her husband, and another man. This is what is referred to as male male female threesome. A wife would surely love having her husband and another man all lavishing all their attention to her. Research has shown that a threesome is one of the top five fantasies for women nowadays. This shows why your wife want a threesome with another man.

So with that said, how can you be able to convince your partner to have an MMF threesome?

Explain to them why it interests you.

If you truly want to have an MMF threesome so badly, then you must have been thinking about it for quite some time. You may even have been watching some MMF porn just to help you fantasize about it. However, before you decide on going into an MMF threesome, be sure about it because you will be adding an individual with who you will be intimate with to your relationship. Ensure that your partner is also excited about having an MMF threesome too. if you find that your partner appears unhappy about it and is only willing to do it to please you, then do not proceed with it as it will end up ruining your relationship.

The idea of having an MMF threesome is something many people fantasize about and sharing it with your partner is something that is good. You may be surprised by how excited some will be. It’s good to share with your partner the sexual fantasies you have. It will lead to a better understanding and a healthier sex life for you both.

Make sure that your partner understands that you are not fantasizing about it because of something they are lacking

The moment you tell your partner that you want to be with them and another individual, their first reaction may be the thought of something they may be lacking and not being able to satisfy you. They may begin thinking that they are not giving you what you want and that’s why you are bringing another person into the mix. Be crystal clear that the idea is all about fun and not that you are unhappy. This will be important because you wouldn’t want to ruin your relationship.

If you were hiding about it and running off to have sexual relations with another person, then your partner would be concerned. But in this case, you are sharing with them the idea of adding another person to your intimate relations just to fulfill your fantasies, your partner will not be worried.

Pinpoint the importance of having an MMF threesome for your wife and how it will be good for your sex life

One thing that we are all certain of is that sex is all about experimentation and exploration. While it is absolutely great having sex with your partner, it is also quite fun adding more juice to it by having another individual join the party. Both of you will be having something you never had before which is a new experience which may even bring you closer together and help you enhance your intimate relations. 

Allow your partner to point out all their concerns about having an MMF threesome

There are some who will have a really hard time contemplating this idea because it involves you both being in a sexual situation with another person. Since you know your relationship better than anyone else. If you know that your partner is jealous then it will surely not be a good idea to bring such a topic to them. You will need to work out the issues you have with them and identify what sparks these feelings in them. You will need to have some honest conversations with them so that you can make them buy into your idea slowly. Make them know that they are not having sex with another person but rather two people catering to your desires and fantasies.

A woman will having desire to have an MMF threesome to satisfy her fantasy. It is not that case of her not being happy with her sex life but rather a fantasy thay would want to explore.