Feeld Review

With hundreds of threesome dating apps for swingers and couples being launched every year, finding the best one can be overwhelming. And in this era, most of us prefer to spend less time on research and more time on actual dating. Well, without taking up more of your precious time, let us review Feeld, which is a dating app for couples and singles.


Feeld is a dating app that utilizes geo-tagged social discovery. It falls under the same category as threesome apps like Bumble and Tinder only that it’s built to offer more than just ‘vanilla’ dating. This is the perfect dating site for singles and couples that are interested in exploring their kinkier sides.

Are you open-minded and feel like it’s time for you to try something new? Feeld is here to help you invite a fellow open-minded individual or couple to your bedroom and share the kinkiest of fantasies.

It’s surprising how many people aren’t aware of this hidden gem, despite the app being around for a while now. It’s also worth mentioning that Feeld has a strict policy against discrimination and this is why they encourage all genders to signup including gays and bisexuals. The app also doesn’t allow the sharing of nudes and explicit content amongst members. And this only shows how unique and quality this dating app is.

Main Features

  • Profiles and Membership

Unlike Tinder where the profiles are too basic, Feeld has really upped its game. The first thing that will gain your attention are the quality profile pictures. As you swipe through the different profiles, you will realize that a lot of members have invested in their looks. Because the pictures are of high quality and are quite clear. And in Feeld, the members actually take the time to write bios.

  • Impressive Design

Feeld’s app design is simple, intuitive, and impressive. If you have used bumble, you will be familiar with this app’s design. On the main page, there will be profiles that meet your criteria and you can scroll to choose those you like. You will see profile pictures and short bios. You can select a heart and if they like you too, you get a match.

  • Interactive Chat Room

In the chat section, you will see matches at the top. You can click on a match to send a message. The layout of the chat room is simple and you can send media tools. To get more out of these chats, I would recommend you pay for the majestic membership. It will allow you to see when your connections were last online.

Special Features

Most of the apps special features require you to get a majestic membership upgrade. They include;

  • Last seen
  • Future connection to show you that someone wants to connect
  • Hide from friends. A great way to remain anonymous to your buddies on Facebook.


One MonthThree Months
Majestic Membership$15.99$31.99
Standard MembershipFreeFree
Majestic Membership will renew after 30 days

Signup Process

To sign up at Feeld, you must have a Facebook account. The signup process is quite fast and you will be done within 5 minutes. Feeld will ask you to provide your nickname, age, gender, and phone number. After signing up, you will immediately receive match suggestions. One thing that you will realize is that most gender-spectrums are well represented on this site. Thus, your odds of finding a perfect match are higher.

What Can You Get On Feeld App?

Feeld has a reputation for encouraging kinky sex and threesomes. But is that all? Probably not. Here is a list of things you can get on the Feeld app.

  1. You can get exactly what you are into. Ever sat down and thought, is there someone with an imagination as nasty as mine? You can find them here. This app is very particular about sexuality.
  2. Proper communication. Tired of basic dating apps where you get a match, say hi, and get a reply three years later? At Feeld, you can see when users were previously offline. This information will help you know which matches to contact and those not to.
  3. The opportunity to explore your fetishes. Whether you are into threesomes, BDSM, or role-play, you can find it all here.
  4. Finally, Feeld allows you to have lots of fun sex. If this is what you crave, then Feeld is a good place to start. With thousands of attractive and horny singles and couples, you can get laid whenever you want to.

Feeld.co is a legitimate threesome dating app with plenty of positive reviews. It’s a great place for you to start exploring your kinks, threesome, swingers and any kind of sexuality. The app is easy to use, safe, and secure. And despite having a smaller user base, most members are active and you will thus have a great experience.